Blooming Teas


Welcome to your blooming tea moment, the most uncommon tea experience you will enjoy. 

We love beautiful things, we cherish beautiful times, and we want to be happy. We hope that
teaposy can bring you smiles and accompany you in the journey of discovering many ways to be happier ...

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Teaposy FAQ:

How do I properly brew a blooming tea?

The blooming teas are tied very tightly, so water heated to boiling is essential for them to bloom properly. Use a heat resistant glass teapot with a relatively wide base to enjoy the experience. It takes a minute or two for a teaposy to bloom in boiling hot water; however, each one has a unique character, and some of them may take longer. If the water is not hot enough, it can also take a bit more time. Remember, this is a good opportunity for patience and to have a moment for yourself.

Once the tea reaches full bloom, it is ready for your first cup of tea, which offers a stronger aroma with a light flavor.

Keep adding hot water gently to the pot, and take your time. Avoid pouring water directly on top of the already blossomed flower, but rather pour along the side of the pot. Flavor gradually increases as aroma decreases with each following cup. You may be surprised how many cups of tea one teaposy can offer you and your friends.

How many cups can I make from 1 teaposy blooming tea?

You can get 4 to 6 pots (~2,4lt) of tea out of 1 teaposy blooming tea by continuing to add hot water gently to your pot. Silver needle teas are known to be slow-brewing teas. Your patience along with a tea warmer may bring you even more cups.

Can I save the tea if I cannot finish it?

We do not recommend leaving unfinished tea with leaves overnight. You may consider pouring the tea into a container and saving it in the refrigerator for iced tea, or to warm it up the next day for hot tea.

Can I make iced teas from teaposy teas?

Yes. Iced teaposy teas are surprisingly good and refreshing. Please try making some.

To make iced posy blooming teas: Brew the tea as described in "how do I properly brew a blooming tea?" and then pour each pot of tea brewed into a small pitcher filled with ice. Please do not forget that you can get ~2,4lt or more of refreshing tea drinks from a single blooming tea bulb.

Can I keep the posy flower after I am done with my tea?

Yes, you can keep your teaposy blooming tea flower in a glass container with cold water to display and enjoy the blossom for a few more days. Avoid pouring water directly on top of the blossomed flower, but gently pour along the side of the container. This way your flower can stay as intact as possible. If you change water from time to time, the blossom may last for weeks.

Do I need the tea warmer?

It is not required, although it is a nice way to stay cozy. Use a teaposy warmer to warm your tea and to accentuate its flower power.

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